Tempered Airwall

Securing the World’s Critical Infrastructure.

Airwall is the most secure, easiest way to protect critical infrastructure.


Connect anything, anywhere with end-to-end encryption and MFA.


Make critical assets and infrastructure impervious to threats.


Because identity is not tied to location, when an asset moves, policy follows.


Remove complexity by simplifying creation and enforcement of policies.

Think of us as the virtual air gap protecting the systems in a smart building, the medical devices in a hospital, the machines on a factory floor. These are all use cases we solve today.

Airwall enables:


Protect critical infrastructure from discovery & attack.

Secure Remote Access

Manage employees, vendors, third parties.

Edge to Cloud

Secure data transport from critical infrastructure to cloud, and back.

OT cybersecurity at scale

Airwall is more secure, faster to deploy, and simpler to manage at scale than other solutions.


Deploy Airwalls

across on-premise, remote, virtual or cloud environments.


Configure policy

based on identity and explicit permissions according to zero trust principles.


Magic happens

now, only authorized assets can communicate over a secure, encrypted peer-to-peer tunnel.


Unauthorized users

cannot see or attack Airwalled devices because they're invisible.

I wanted something we could easily deploy to rapidly secure the infrastructure. Now we have a private and isolated network for our BAS systems. It’s now simple and fast to connect and segment any building controls, over any network.

— T.W., System Design Specialist, Major US University

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