simple, fast, private networks

create a private
network in minutes

more secure and easier to use than a VPN

Airnet does the impossible; allows you to build truly private system-to-system networks—that span public, private, cloud, and mobile networks—with just a few clicks using an intuitive graphical interface.

Traverse NAT, firewalls, and other obstacles using our standards-based Host Identity Protocol agents and ignite your team's productivity.

Airnet is a powerful subset of our Enterprise and Industrial network solution, Airwall—and it's free.

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create a private
network in minutes

simple segmentation

Create a single network, or several separate ones.
Create a full mesh, or only the connections you need.
Just click to draw connections.

simple segmentation

free for 25 nodes

Airnet's simple drag-and-drop interface connects home, office, mobile, and cloud in minutes

device agnostic

Enjoy seemless connection between Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android systems

effortless collaboration

Delegate network access via secure invitation links, and easily switch between the networks you've joined

home use

Use Airnet to simplify your remote management solutions.

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  • Stop adding ACLs for home IP addresses, branch offices, and coffee shops so you can access SSH and RDP
  • Install Airnet on all your devices in minutes and simplify configuration while massively increasing your security

Keep your team connected to each other and their servers

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  • Stop worrying about how to connect your team to servers, email , and applications
  • Keep your team connected and productive wherever they are — onsite at the client, at Starbucks, or at home

Keep connected with home even when you’re on the go.

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  • Easily access files on your home network wherever you are
  • View home webcams without the privacy concerns of cloud services
    Before: lots of complexity and risk
    After: simple and secure
    Easily connect people and devices for special projects. Here, a marketing team is working on the website from home.
    Quickly connect to office resources when on the go. Here, a security consulting team is collecting data at a customer site.

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Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android systems.

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