Airwall — Airspan Traffic Mirroring

One of Tempered Airwall’s latest features, Airspan, available in release 2.2.11 and later, unlocks a wide range of complementary security solutions for better traffic visibility, threat detection, correlation and analytics. Sending traffic through end-to-end encrypted overlay networks now doesn’t mean you have to tradeoff network and traffic visibility.

Airspan is a mirror port on Airwall gateways, which serve as tunnel endpoints where traffic is encrypted/decrypted. Through traffic can be mirrored to an analysis engine or monitoring application as needed. The mirrored traffic is sent through its own Airwall encrypted tunnel to the monitoring application so that traffic visibility can span multiple sites or network connections to central analysis solution without compromising security.

Primary use cases and benefits

  • For the first time organizations can securely correlate and analyze from many remote sites through Airwall-secured networks.
  • Organizations can achieve greater visibility, automated threat remediation and traffic analysis while leveraging the most advanced network security protocols.
  • AI-driven analysis and remediation recommendations can be fed back to the Airwall Conductor to refine security policies, such as quarantining compromised devices in their own network segment.

Preliminary partnership case study

Tempered has partnered with Nozomi Networks, a leader in network and asset visibility, threat detection and insights for OT and IoT environments. The product integration includes the ability of Tempered to mirror secure traffic to Nozomi Guardian systems through a fully encrypted tunnel for greater analysis and insight.


Comprehensive Zero Trust IoT/OT Security Platform from Visibility to Policy Enforcement

Combining AI-powered network visibility and analysis with industry-leading security policy enforcement and segmentation for zero trust architectures on industrial networks


What our customers are saying

A two-way integration of network monitoring of IoT devices and secure, zero-trust, communications is brilliant. Ensuring that all communications is stealthed and encrypted while preserving visibility into traffic is a winning combination.

— Richard Stiennon, industry analyst and author of Security Yearbook 2020

Tempered Airwall delivers the military-grade encryption and secure access policy enforcement that many of our joint customers rely upon to quickly remediate anomalies and threats in their networks. Our combined offerings provide strong detection and defense against the rapid proliferation of advanced persistent threats, actively buttoning down attack surfaces.

— Chet Namboodri, Nozomi Networks Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances

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