The most secure, easiest to use zero trust networking solution.

Securely connect and segment critical assets, users and data in OT, IoT and IT networks.

Tempered Airwall: Leading Zero Trust architecture for OT and IT networks

Zero Trust Private Networks for
Critical Infrastructure

The proliferation of network-connected devices and critical infrastructure has rendered traditional network security approaches unmanageable. Zero Trust architectures can help, but until now it’s been hard to deploy across all environments and for any endpoint. Airwall fixes all that.

Tempered Airwall helps customers achieve a Zero Trust network architecture, with fully encrypted overlay tunnels, on top of any IP network: in the data center, in the cloud, or across public WAN connections and carriers. Through easily managed micro-segmentation policies, we can secure any traffic and mitigate any security threat at a fraction of the cost of a traditional security infrastructure.

What problems do you want to solve today?


Protect critical assets, ensure uptime, prevent lateral movement, insider attacks, and even contain ransomware, with powerful, intuitive visual policies for users and devices.

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Secure Remote Access

Provide encrypted device-to-device connections for authorized users over global networks for remote services, data sharing, and lights-out management.

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Network Visibility

Enable network analysis, monitoring and threat detection systems full visibility to Airwall encrypted overlay tunnels with port mirroring and secured connections to the visibility platform.

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Meet rigorous compliance regulations like NIST, PCI, CMMC, HITRUST and others by securing systems and networks with end-to-end encryption and microsegmentation.

WAN-Cloud Connectivity

Secure cost-effective remote connectivity between remote users, devices, branch offices and partners – without the complexity or costs of separate SDWAN or MPLS networks.

The Airwall Difference

End-to-end Encryption with Host Identity Protocol (HIP)

HIP tunnels ensure secure traffic between devices, no intercepted traffic over a global network. Set up your private overlay network independent of network perimeters.

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Identity-based policies

Easily align security policies with identity of users and devices. Authorization restricted to cryptographic ID and multi-factor authentication.


Combine secure communication and policy enforcement with traffic visibility, correlation and threat detection with our ability to mirror traffic to third-party threat detection solutions.

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Software-defined orchestration

Simplify management and orchestration of security policies, protected devices, authorized users and groups and globally managed private networks through centralized software-defined controller.

Connect anything-anywhere securely

Easy to deploy over any IP network for remote access and cloud applications. Avoid fork-lift upgrades and vendor architecture lock-in.

Industry Solutions


Our customers include some of the most critical electrical and water utilities in North America, for access to remote sites and systems, as well as threat mitigation.


Manufacturing operations require connectivity to IT and supply chain apps but are frequently most vulnerable to network attacks. We segment the network and ensure authorized access.


For airlines, cruise ships and railways and from ticketing kiosks, site management systems and operational infrastructure, Airwall can block attempted threats and simplify orchestration over a global WAN network.

Commercial Real

Smart buildings are not always secure buildings. Airwall protects intelligent devices and some of our partners even offer managed security services for commercial real-estate operators to simplify deployments.


Major healthcare networks are the perfect convergence of IT and OT networks, with sensitive patient data and applications, as well as a wide range of operational devices that are open to hacks and life-threatening compromises.

Federal Systems

Classified federal networks and military-grade communications rely on Tempered Airwall to provide the maximum security in the most rugged environments for the widest range of devices.


Tempered Airwall protects many aspects of various local municipalities, from the managed water districts and local energy cooperatives to government buildings and data. All at a price point that is cost-effective for local government.

Airwall Teams: Our Free Solution

A complete Zero Trust remote access solution for small groups and personal projects

Airwall Teams is a great way to get started with HIP technology and zero trust. Installs in minutes. Same military-grade encryption. Extremely easy to use and manage.

Sample use cases: IoT Controller Remote Access | Minecraft Server Security


Best Practices to Deploy Zero Trust With AI-driven Threat Detection for IT/OT Networks

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April 16, 2021

“Tempered Provides Great Security.”

— Utilities Technician in the Energy and Utilities Industry

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March 19, 2021

“A Fast, Easy, and Secure Networking Solution”

— Network Administrator in the Government Industry

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April 16, 2021

“Long Time user of Tempered Networks Airwall system across a County Water Utility”

— SCADA System Administrator in the Government Industry

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