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Between the civilian agencies, DoD and branches of the military, the Federal government has made a strong commitment to zero trust architectures as a way of combating emerging cyber threats and achieving digital transformation and greater degrees of network automation. Tempered Networks has a history of delivering the most stringent security solutions in the most demanding environments that span every kind of IP network and types of endpoint device.

Along with our largest Federal Systems partner, IMPRES Technology Solutions, we can deliver highly integrated, turn-key solutions for any zero trust use case or application. As a leading IT solutions provider, IMPRES combines decades of technological expertise with a thorough understanding of the federal procurement and contracting process to implement the best possible IT solution for any agency while reducing risk and lowering costs.

The Tempered and IMPRES Solution

Tempered Airwall is at the core of the IMPRES Technology Cyberspace Operations Infrastructure (CSOI) zero trust architecture solution. CSOI employs micro, macro, and cross-boundary segmentation, including end-to-end encryption, and automatically authenticates, authorizes, and connects (on-demand) secure tunnels using unique device-based cryptographic identities including support for platform IT (ICS/SCADA). CSOI features an intuitive orchestration engine that simplifies the deployment and management of enterprise ZTA relationships, workflow plans, and access policies.

Recently IMPRES won Shark Fest 2021, put on by Cybersecurity.TV, a Shark Tank-inspired set of pitches to Federal procurement teams. In their presentation Robert Osborne talks about some of their deployments such as with the FAA, as well as energy companies and civilian agencies. Listen to their winning presentation and demo of Tempered Airwall and Airwall Teams here.


Leverage Zero Trust Infrastructure for Federal Systems and DOD


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