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Software Engineer II

As a member of the Cloud Team, I am implementing a Conductor feature which enables our customers to deploy Airwall in multiple cloud platforms. This feature will be responsible for provisioning, deploying, and managing Airwall into the desired cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Alibaba, or Google Cloud Platform.


Principal Engineer

I’m a lead software engineer driving the control plane development of our Airwall solution. As a developer, I have always been attracted by unconventional, yet simple approaches to solve problems. Airwall truly constitutes such a solution to those hard networking problems. It is drop-in, zero-touch, and dead simple to use.


Software Development Engineer in Test

Collaborative and challenging work are the two main reasons why I love working at Tempered. I started here two years ago with next to zero experience in networking & security, thinking that I would just work on test automation. I don’t know if I am more amazed by how much I have learned the last two years or by how much I have yet to learn. What I know for sure is that I am excited for my future with Tempered!


Software Development Engineer in Test

As a Software Development Engineer in Test, I focus on providing simple, secure, and mobile networks, not identified by an IP, but with an encrypted certificate-based identifier. I think it’s amazing that the simplicity of our solution lies in the fact that a single click can determine whether you want to trust a device or not.

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